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Where tomorrow’s business leaders want to live, work, and play
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320,000+ hard-working, highly productive people
One of America’s first gigabit cities
Day's drive - 82 million comsumers
Within a day’s drive of more than 82 million consumers
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Cedar Falls, IA

Cedar Falls, Iowa is a thriving city that will surprise you in so many ways. We’re an incubator for growing companies and the source of a remarkable amount of innovation. As one of the nation’s first gigabit cities, we’ve created an infrastructure for future-focused companies that are eager to thrive, including lightning-fast broadband (up to 10 gigabits) for every business, home, and school. Cedar Falls has become a hotbed for visionaries and entrepreneurs who are combining big ideas and new technologies to improve business and enhance life.

Extensive Transportation Network

Located in eastern Iowa, we’re at the center of an extensive transportation network that puts us within a day’s truck trip of more than 82 million consumers, including places like Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Winnipeg. We’re also at the heart of more than 320,000 workers who are steeped in the Midwestern work ethic and equipped with the skills today’s businesses need.

Satisfying Lifestyle

Cedar Falls is also a great place to call home. Start with a vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, bars and microbreweries, shops, nightlife, and creative spaces for both work and home. Add in neighborhoods full of friendly people, excellent public schools focused on the needs of employers, and plenty of arts and recreational activities. The result is an exciting vibe that attracts entrepreneurs, small businesses, retailers, and young professionals seeking a place where they can thrive and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle without big-city prices and congestion.

Room For You

There’s room for your business here in Cedar Falls, including two ready-to-grow industrial parks, one with space focused on technology innovators and another with rail service. Both have infrastructure in place including 10-gig broadband, and fast access to the outside world.

Take a Closer Look

We invite you to take a closer look at the many advantages of Cedar Falls, Iowa and then come to see it firsthand. We’re confident you’ll be eager to join the many other successful and growing businesses that have decided to make our city their home.

Beginning October 27, the contractor will start removals of Beaver Road approach onto Union Road for the Union Road Trail Project. A full road closure will be required. The road closure will be in effect for two to four weeks, depending on the weather. #CFRoads CityCF photo
In 2020, #CedarFalls Parks staff and volunteers put in a tree nursery to create a cost-effective system to replace city trees lost to the emerald ash borer. These trees are now ready for replanting! Learn more (courtesy of CF #Channel15)!🌳 via @YouTube
Don't miss the @CedarFalls Visitor Center Tour of Lights! Start planning your light display now and email your address to visit by November 15. The Tour will run from November 26 through January 2. Follow the Visitor Center on Facebook to stay updated! ❄ CityCF photo
Beginning Oct 22, the contractor will be placing the base course of the asphalt overlay on the Kaspend Place cul-de-sac. The road will be temporarily closed. Following this base course will be the manhole adjustments on Oct 25. The final surface course will be placed on Oct 26. CityCF photo