Cedar Falls, Iowa is a thriving city thanks to many factors including a supportive business community that’s focused on growth through cooperation and local investment. But if you ask those business leaders what makes our city such a great choice for companies like theirs, you’re bound to hear about our business-friendly local government.

City leaders recognize the value healthy companies create for residents, so they go the extra mile to encourage businesses to start, grow, and thrive in Cedar Falls. Our city’s economic development team acts as a one-stop shop to connect new and existing businesses with the resources they need for successful and affordable startups, expansions, or relocation projects.

That spirit doesn’t end at the city limits. Iowa’s state government offers a wide variety of programs to support businesses, such as finance platforms, tax credits, international trade assistance, workforce and training funding, and provisions for entrepreneurs, innovators, and small businesses.

Nor does all this support cost extra. Iowans are known for their fiscal conservativism, and you’ll see that reflected in the attitudes of state and local leaders. Taxes at all levels of government are surprisingly low, so your company will be able to keep more of what it earns. Coupled with the low cost of living and doing business in Cedar Falls, every dollar of revenue will go much further for you.