Cedar Falls, Iowa has a location and infrastructure that’s ideal for transportation, logistics, and distribution facilities. Thanks to a well-engineered network of Interstate-grade divided highways pointing in every direction, those businesses are within a day’s truck drive of places like Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Winnipeg — areas with more than 82 million consumers in all. Our local business parks have been designed to put a minimum of stoplights and slow traffic between you and that highway network, so your important shipments get where they need to be more quickly.

Rail users benefit from access to the Canadian National mainline, with a spur connecting the Northern Cedar Falls Industrial Park. Need to get people or products places even faster? Waterloo Regional Airport (KALO) is just minutes from downtown Cedar Falls, with nonstop American Eagle service to global connections, plus an ILS-equipped 8,399-foot (2,560-meters) runway that accommodates most aircraft.

TLD companies can count on a strong workforce that grows even better thanks to local education providers focused on serving the needs of today’s employers. You’ll benefit from high school and adult education programs in disciplines such as advanced manufacturing, CNC machining, welding, robotics/cobotics, engineering, digital interactive media, networking/IT, electrical, plumbing, transportation, AutoCAD, hydraulics, HVAC, and many others. Plus, local employers work with our community’s high schools to create future-ready graduates through programs involving soft skills, problem-solving, project management, and career exploration. Iowa’s outstanding universities provide a steady pipeline of management talent.

All those companies operate efficiently and affordably with our unique one-stop utility provider, Cedar Falls Utilities, with broadband speeds up to 10 gigs.