Cedar Falls, Iowa has a well-earned reputation for business innovation — and that’s largely due to the enthusiasm and encouragement of companies that have done business here for decades. Their leaders believe in the area’s economic health, so they’ve invested time and assets in a wide variety of programs designed to enhance both business opportunities and the quality of life. You’ll see it in everything from arts programs, to workforce development, to supporting a vibrant downtown, to becoming one of the nation’s first 10-gig cities.

There are so many examples of existing companies that are actively strengthening the local business climate. Take third-party logistics and supply chain management leader Standard Distribution Company, which expanded its operations to build multiple large distribution facilities here. Martin Brothers Distributing Company is a major food distributor that has grown and thrived alongside the many businesses it serves. Spun metal products manufacturer Kryton Engineered Metals points to our business-friendly local leadership, skilled workforce, and excellent location and transportation assets as key factors in its success.

We appreciate the investment and efforts of these and other local leaders in making Cedar Falls a creative, vibrant, and growing community. Like them, your company will find our city an ideal location to call your own — and whether you’re a newcomer or an established presence locally, we’ll all work together to fuel your company’s success.