Cedar Falls, Iowa has many unique attributes, but one of the most surprising for people outside our area is our approach to utilities. Local companies don’t have to establish relationships with half a dozen utility providers. Everything they need is available through two highly reliable and remarkably affordable sources: Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) and the City of Cedar Falls.

CFU simplifies the delivery of electricity, water, natural gas, broadband, and phone. One call starts the entire process. If you want to grow or a problem crops up, you’ll know where to turn. You’ll receive personal, local service. And CFU is focused on providing outstanding value, with exceptionally low utility and broadband rates. Wastewater service is quickly available through the City of Cedar Falls

Reliable, Affordable Electricity

CFU provides reliable, affordable service to even large-load industries. With a portfolio of both locally generated and outside power, the utility can meet the service needs of businesses of all sizes. CFU’s infrastructure assures reliability with improvements such as a recently added substation drawing from 161-kV transmission lines and an eight-acre solar array. Three-phase power and redundant feeds and loops are also available.

Natural Gas

Affordable and reliable natural gas service of up to 50 psi is provided via eight-inch plastic lines. CFU offers commodity purchasing programs for high-demand customers.

Up to 10-GIG Broadband

Cedar Falls was one of the nation’s first “gigabit cities”, and now is the first city in Iowa to have 10 gigabit internet service available city-wide. This gives residents, educators, and businesses access to some of the fastest broadband in the country. In fact, PC Mag recently recognized Cedar Falls Utilities as the fastest internet service provider in the entire country! CFU can provide access to a gigabit passive optical network available city-wide. Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connections, as well as FiberNet phone service, are readily available.

Plenty of Clean Water

CFU has an excess available water capacity of 2.16 million gallons per day that’s delivered via twelve-inch mains. Local water sources are remarkably clean, requiring only minimal treatment. As a result, CFU customers enjoy some of the lowest water rates in the Midwest.


Industries that generate substantial amounts of wastewater will find plenty of capacity, as the City of Cedar Falls has two million gallons per day of excess available capacity, and 18- to 36-inch steel wastewater lines.