Cedar Falls, Iowa is a booming city for so many reasons. Company leaders are discovering the many advantages of bringing their business to our city, then discovering what a great place it is to live and play. You’ll see it in our vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, bars and microbreweries, shops, nightlife, and creative spaces for both work and home. You’ll find it in neighborhoods full of friendly people who get to know — and look out for — each other. You’ll notice it in our excellent public schools and activities for kids like extensive youth sports programs. And you’ll be surprised by the many arts and recreational activities our area offers.

Cedar Falls has an exciting vibe that attracts entrepreneurs, small businesses, retailers, and young professionals seeking a place where they can thrive and enjoy a satisfying lifestyle without big-city costs and congestion. We’ve become a hotbed for visionaries and entrepreneurs who are combining big ideas and new technologies to improve business and enhance life, supported by our city’s 10-gig broadband.

And the best part? The cost of living in the Cedar Valley is surprisingly low. Want proof? Check out the Cost Comparison Calculator from our friends at Live the Valley to see how we stand up against where you live or other cities you’re considering.